Anthony Krantis Ph.D.

Krantis Anthony Krantis Ph.D.

President QBM Cell Science Inc. & past CSO of Enpharma Inc.

Dr Krantis was trained in human physiology/pharmacology in Australia and moved to Canada to work in the area of Blood Brain Barrier/Drug Delivery. He has served as Professor & Chair of the University of Ottawa Dept. of Cellular & Molecular Medicine and Director of the University of Ottawa Centre for Research in Biopharmaceuticals & Biotechnology (CRBB),  and  is one of the founders of the Global Network for Brain Reconstruction where he served as Managing Director. He is acknowledged as a leader in the field of Enteric Nervous System and has authored more than 100 published articles and has a record internationally as an invited speaker in both basic research and industrial settings.   He has conceived, developed and led large multidisciplinary collaborations with the biotechnology/pharma and government sectors, and with academic/clinical research groups. His research encompasses in vitro and in vivo studies across a spectrum of disciplines and he has appointments with the National Research Council of Canada and Shiga Univ. of Medical Sciences, Japan. His research of the Digestive System led to the discovery and development of IP around a novel class of small molecules for regulation of food intake. He founded a biotechnology company to undertake pre-clinical R&D of this new drug  class  for  human obesity and for agriculture. He also served as Chief Scientific Officer. He currently serves on the Board of Canadian drug development companies.   Dr. Krantis is also one of the founders and currently President of QBM Cell Science Inc., specializing in primary cells and protocol kits for the R&D  and  regulatory  sectors. QBM entered the marketplace as the first commercial source for cryopreserved  dissociated neuronal cells  and other dissociated primary cell types.  QBM Cell Science was founded in partnership with Qiagen Gmbh and operates a worldwide distribution operation with Lonza Inc.  for supply of fresh frozen primary cells for culture, and substrates and protocol kits for use in multi-well based assays and screening studies.

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