• We are dedicated to improving quality of life for individuals with seizure disorders
  • OB Pharmaceuticals has developed a new class of medications
  • It’s time to change the paradigm

OB Pharmaceuticals began operations in 2014 to undertake the research and development of a new class of molecules that show promise for the treatment of epilepsy and brain injury related seizures.
Epilepsy is a chronic neurological spectrum disorder affecting nearly 65 million people worldwide and is characterized by recurrent and often debilitating seizures. More than 30% become drug resistant.
A seizure is abnormal (excessive) electrical activity of the brain that results in some sort of impairment such as the loss of consciousness and / or involuntary muscle movements.

Our Drug Pipeline

OB Pharmaceuticals has advanced the pre-clinical development of new chemical entities or “NCE's” that act at a key target in the brain to prevent the abnormal electrical activity in neural networks that leads to seizures. They show promise to not only stop seizures but also the potential to prevent epilepsy from occurring in the first place. These properties combined with low or no side effects makes our lead candidates some of the most promising new pre-clinical therapeutics currently under development.

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