Executive Summary

OB Pharma’s lead NCEs both prevent onset and control existing seizures in in vitro and in vivo preclinical models of epilepsy. OB Pharma is developing novel classes of anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) of higher potency, greater efficacy and less undesirable side effects than current standard of care (SOC). More 90 unique analogues across two structurally distinct NCE families have been synthesized and screened. These novel analogues establish new intellectual property opportunities for composition of matter and method of use. OB Pharma is seeking CD$5m to complete its preclinical program and file an IND with the U.S. FDA and Health Canada.

Corporate History

  • Privately held Canadian company

  • Acquired seed financing in spring 2014

  • Operations initiated Sept 2014

  • Patent application for new chemical entity (NCE) composition of matter (COM) and use filed June 2016

  • New NCEs identified and COM/use patent application filed January 2017

Unmet Medical Need

  • Chronic disorder affecting 35-70 million people worldwide

  • No cure - medications can only reduce seizure frequency

  • ≥30% of patients have drug resistant form - do not respond to current SOC.

  • Current medications have undesirable side effects: e.g., memory loss, sedation, poor coordination, blurred vision

  • $4 billion medication market expected to increase 5% over the next 4 years*

    * https://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/3776385/global-epilepsy-drugs-market-2016-2020#pos-0