Our New Research and New Patents

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Our labs are still busy. As we move some of our work to third parties for independent testing, our labs have moved on to our own new research. We have begun to investigate the efficacy of our compounds in the control or mitigation of epilepsy that results from significant brain trauma. It has been determined that brain trauma is responsible for 30% of the occurrences of epilepsy.

Concussion and brain trauma are becoming more and more a focus of research into the long term effects of head injuries. The first data sets from our new research in brain trauma are very encouraging. Owen Barry Pharmaceuticals Indications are that one of our compounds can actually halt the onset of brain activity that is believed to induce the development of epilepsy after moderate brain trauma. These tests are only beginning and the first results are preliminary but they are pointing at a new valuable therapy. The implication for this type of therapy is staggering. It could lead to a prophylactic drug that is prescribed to anyone who has had the misfortune to suffer a significant head injury. Obviously, the market for this type of drug would be very large.

OB has continued to protect our intellectual property by completing and filing new patents for another family of molecules. We announced this patent when we filed the provisional patents in the summer it was formally filed on January 6, 2017. We are confident that these new molecules and our claims for these molecules will pass scrutiny and be a valuable addition to our company’s value.

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